• Commented on Rhesus Chart: blood dripping fresh ...
    Got my copy today (US version, from Amazon). Interestingly, it is bound upside down. Valuable mistake? Significant clue? Boringly common bindery error? It doesn't glow in the dark or anything....
  • Commented on A man walks into a bar
    Yes, I ran the Equoid life-cycle past Peter Watts for comment. Adding Peter Watts to a Stross idea is more or less like squirting extra kerosene on a BBQ. Explosions may result and onlookers may be singed. One thing about...
  • Commented on Commercial interlude
    Really well-done and "ick"-inducing. I like how you give Lovecraft a reason other than his own ... umm ... innate quirks for fearing fish, tentacles, vaginas, etc. I note that on the one hand Bob talks about his job including...
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