• Commented on Lost in Translation
    I remember once having a wonderful book about Japanese, one of whose main pleasures was its many literal translations of Japanese idioms. I think there was one (very old now) that was something like "my stomach was about to boil...
  • Commented on Where we went wrong
    JavaScript: OMG. Your posting led me to try to Do The Right Thing and run Firefox with NoScript. I say again, OMG. Trying to do this on the modern web is a really horrible experience. You get halfway through your...
  • Commented on Where we went wrong
    Actually, URLs seem like a non-issue. Many, if not most, non-expert users now simply use Google as their address bar. We are showing our age and geek culture every time we type a URL......
  • Commented on Geopolitics in the raw
    I'm with Nicholas on this one, and I do think that you're being paranoid. If the going in plan really had been to loot these minerals, it's hard to believe that the Bush administration would have taken its eyes off...
  • Commented on Gadget Patrol: iPad
    I'm pretty sure that GoodReader is a non-starter for my purposes. It has the scary word "reflow" in its description, which to me usually means "won't work." The problem is that the papers I need to read and review are...
  • Commented on Gadget Patrol: iPad
    If you get a chance to let us know more about the pdf-ing, that would be very helpful. One of the things I'd love to see on the iPad is something like Apple's Preview. I have to read and review...
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