• Commented on Vacation
    We're spending two weeks at DisneyWorld in June with a vegan, vegetarian and lapband in the group. We've done it before and it just requires some research and planning to pull it off. The best overall "on-menu" vegan experience is...
  • Commented on Brooklyn, Beer 2.0, this Thursday
    Hey Charlie - The travel gods have left me in Newark tonight so I'm going to head over if you're still game....
  • Commented on
    Since the late 90's one of my bon mots about Perl has been "Did you know the Necronimicon was written in Perl?". I can't believe you made that real. Fortunately this copy will hold no power since your invocation was...
  • Commented on The cult of justice
    Bear with me while I re-state your argument, because when I broke it down this way there was some really good stuff that falls out. Humans are driven by the need for fairness. All human societies express this in the...
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