• Commented on The next moves in the Spooks v. News cold war
    I doubt those articles will do the government any good. I'd never have thought I'd recommend reading the comment fields in the Mail, but even the commenters there won't have it....
  • Commented on Why I'm not on Google Plus
    If I write my name exactly as on the credit card, it gets rejected. The card says Øvrebø as is right and proper, but webforms won't accept anything but Ovrebo. (Unless they've become smarter recently. I doubt it.) My passport...
  • Commented on Travel tips
    Short-haul flight 2: Norwegian They're cheap but not nasty, and they just bought a whole bunch of new 737s. The one time I've used them the only issue was not their fault - I was going out of Oslo on...
  • Commented on Travel tips
    coach services[...]better option I don't do buses if I can avoid it. I'd rather be standing on the Piccadilly line. Also what Charlie said about road accidents and traffic jams. (The bad disconnection I did was between Stansted and London...
  • Commented on Travel tips
    I realised I had to buy a day card, even though I only wanted to get to St Pancras. Huh? I've never had any problem buying single tube tickets when I needed them. My travel tip: Don't arrive at one...
  • Commented on Sunbathing in Edinburgh
    Having tried driving with all season tyres (when I lived in an apartment with no space to store spare tyres) I can attest to the difference good winter tyres can have in keeping you on the road. My own rule...
  • Commented on Eyeballs
    using laser projectors to project images directly onto the retina Somehow the thought of shining a laser into the eyes makes me cringe. It'd be interesting to see a steampunk mod of those TruFocal glasses....
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