• Commented on Rhesus Chart: blood dripping fresh ...
    Yaaayyy! Just got mine! I wanted to wait until it "surprised" me by silently arriving to my Kindle, but fuck that, as soon as the e-mail came telling me it was ready I went and made the page deliver it....
  • Commented on Competition Time!
    -Attempting to become a living god trough the writing and publication of self-help book titled "The Principle of Belief". -Dangerous and careless use of his classified knowledge regarding CASE NIGHTMARE GREEN for the writing of the above mentioned book. -Wasting...
  • Commented on World Cup: engage Grinch mode now!
    I hear you. Mexico goes just insane come World Cup season. And you can't not like football, you just can't, people get this confused look in their faces when you tell them you don't care, and then go on assuming...
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