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    Just a small sidenote to the whole "animal blood" debate that I seem to have sparked: we have seen definite invocation-based effect happen on chickens and snakes--cockatrices and basilisks, specifically. Granted, that might not have to do with the animal's...
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    Some thoughts. re: Spooky: well, there is a fairly benign cat-deity that features in the Cthulhu mythos. Given that NOMENCLATURE PENDING seems to find humanity amusing enough to give it a helping hand or two every once in a while,...
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    He still can, and I don't doubt that Charlie can pull it off, but it wouldn't be the same as the earlier novels. He wouldn't be playing the same role as an outsider delving into forbidden secrets; Bob's now an...
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    Yeah, I think future books wouldn't be narrated by Bob. This was mentioned by Charlie way back in Inside the Fear Factory, I think: Bob's now an authority figure, not a trickster-hacker. His role is to sit down and disseminate...
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    I've just finished [i]The Rhesus Chart[/i], and all I can say is [i]oh jesus[/i]. Just when I thought this was going to be relatively light-hearted, we're right back to the Merchant Princes method of gut-punching readers, with an added soupcon...
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