• Commented on What else can you do with a Big Dumb Booster?
    I wonder what might become possible in space medicine. Usually that is thought of as dealing with the degenerative effects of extended periods of time in zero g. But, with big cheapish facilities and cheaper passenger to orbit what might...
  • Commented on Book Launch
    Then I guess fans wishing to really support further Laundry Files should purchase through Amazon JP where the English-language Kindle version is ¥2,944 or just about double the US price. Should still net a higher return to author even after...
  • Commented on Apology
    Atompunk puts me in mind of some Golden Age and so onto "The Gruinmarkt Continuum" as a new series sub that could even have sub-subs like "Gruinmarkt Continuum: Merchant Princes" "Gruinmarkt Continuum: Cheney's Children" etc....
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