• Commented on Constitutional crisis ahoy!
    The only action in the current situation, the Queen might take I can squint and imagine as justifiable (aka 'might get away with it and have the Monarchy still survive') would be to send notification to the European Council, invoking...
  • Commented on Markov Chain Dirty To Me
    Already did the talking dirty to 'bot thing, typing dirty anyway. About 15 or more years ago I threw a bunch of my best -- aka terrible, no good, very bad -- sensual/dirty talk into an instance of a MegaHAL4...
  • Commented on The morning after
    We can all sketch out on the back of the proverbial napkin/fag packet the sort of federal arrangements that would make sense for a UK that was actually serious about being a UK. Here's mine: Upgrade with Wales and London...
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