• Commented on Why I barely read SF these days
    I'm going to advise against ever watching Star Trek: Discovery then. The world-building makes no twatting sense whatsoever. Starbase One is 100AUs from Earth but appears to be orbiting a planet that is presumably Earth, Starbase One is apparently a...
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    To Charlie @ 47. I take on board your point and don't fundamentally disagree with what you're saying. I was unaware that Sean was a moderator and therefore does, by extension, speak with the authority vested in him by God...
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    Sean, how about we wait and see what Charlie's response is? I do not dare to speak for him and I doubt you are able to read his mind such that you can speak for him. Further, you know nothing...
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    I'm going to have to call you out on that Charlie as you just argued a strawman. Nowhere did I say or equate having nothing to hide with the Facebook concept of a single identity. I happen to maintain another...
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    I'd be interested in reading your article on surveillance for Sterling as the only people who have anything to fear from a surveillance state are those who cannot be trusted. Of course, the State has proven habitually that it cannot...
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