• Commented on We get mail (contd.)
    People want to live forever. It's far from clear that this opportunity will be the case even to the most faithful. This leads to significant motivation to adopt some seriously wanked ideas about the authority of the universe....
  • Commented on Some notes on the worst-case scenario
    The mild infection of Rand ended with Rush long ago. And yes Geddy, like Morissey, is not for everyone. Still, they sang a bloody song about a black hole...that's just badass....
  • Commented on Policy change: future US visits
    "Trump's essence is the hatred of civilization." Or fear of civilization or not knowing how to adjust primitive fear to the burden of faculties of reason. There was always a forest that some, unable to cope with modern civilization, could...
  • Commented on Policy change: future US visits
    I don't think Trump's America could have been predicted by Rousseau. It's not just back to State of Nature, this is Make America Barbarian. I am now left in a country where I am surrounded by infants, scared of life...
  • Commented on A game of consequences
    Excellent post. Rawls is a must any space colony that I would ever want to live. Religions or ideologies seem incompatible with happiness in space, though I can easily see how moving to Planet Utah could work for some, so...
  • Commented on Some thoughts on turning 50
    Happy 50. Exercise will certainly make the stay here on planet earth more enjoyable. And if you look hard at most people you will find they are all still eight years old. I think this confirms we really are machines...
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