• Commented on The unavoidable discussion
    As others have said, people in the US haven't paid to much attention to Brexit, given the circus we have going on over here at the moment. Cameron's involvement with the Panama papers was a bigger story, at least so...
  • Commented on Aftermath
    Thoughts and questions from across the pond: 1. A true disaster for the Liberal Democrats. It never seemed to make sense from over here for them to ally themselves with the Conservatives to begin with, and I guess the voters...
  • Commented on An exercise in futility
    In contrast to others, I am pessimistic as to how far you can take this. I don't think very far. You can write satire and wordplay, and that might be diverting for a book or two, but your fiction so...
  • Commented on On the lack of cultural estrangement in SF
    Hello, sorry for being late to this thread - another longtime lurker and first-time poster. I think it's really interesting as a thread to see what people like and dislike - from a theoretical prespective - in SF, but I...
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