Jason Ipswitch

Jason Ipswitch

  • Commented on The Pivot
    Um, Mr. Cynic. I just had to delurk to respond to your comment on how, "the rabid anti-Russians are desperately searching for something that they can claim is proof that Putin/Russia were and are manipulating the US". There is no...
  • Commented on Eleven Tweets
    Long time lurker, but felt I had to respond to this one. (Full disclaimer - I generally like the posts of CD / MO or 'whatever the appropriate handle is', though I don't puzzle through all of them. They remind...
  • Commented on An exercise in futility
    I was wondering if anyone would mention the "mewling quim" line from Avengers. It was the first thing I thought of as Charlie started to mention alternatives to the more mundane obscenities. I remember hearing it in the theater and...
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