• Commented on Helplessly dominant
    Slightly strange to put forward the case for the existance of proximate empathy by referencing research which displays a singular lack thereof, inter-species or not. "... scientists injected acetic acid into one or both of each pair of same-sex adult...
  • Commented on PSA: Gorgon Stare
    Oldies, but I nominate: 1. DARPA's "self-healing, self-hopping, inter-communicating minefield" project from 2002-3. Considering that the advantage of a minefield, for one side, lies in knowing where they are... it's a teeny, weeny, little SW/HW kink away from providing years...
  • Commented on It's made out of meat.
    I think one problem is that we tend to view human intelligence as something reasonably consistent and measurable. I would say that we're dealing with a spectrum, not only in terms of processing power, but actual processing of information. If...
  • Commented on Invaders from Mars
    I unfortunately haven't had the time to go through all the replies, so perhaps someone else has said something similar to what follows... Charlie, I (mostly) heartily agree, but I think you should also consider two other things which evolved...
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