• Commented on A question about the future of the world wide web
    Various sites that require a login (such as dating sites like OkCupid) offer a 'no-ads' experience - if you pay a small fee, you get no ads. If you use an adblocker, the ads are replaced with a picture of...
  • Commented on The present in deep history
    Just from what we can know so far - Global urbanisation, global literacy, and global wars (7 Years War, the World Wars and the Cold War - which might get compressed into the Great 20th Century Wars, merging pretty much...
  • Commented on Not-so-Invisible Ninjas
    Can we add some more we know of? I'd add another debut novel, Moira Fowley-Doyle's 'The Accident Season' (YA Fantasy)...
  • Commented on Second childhood?
    Oh, and Oh Joy Sex Toy, for those who want pink-toned sex toy reviews in your RSS feed. I'd also like to point out that as a medium, webcomics is amazingly open to women creators, women characters, trans characters, queer...
  • Commented on Second childhood?
    I'll repeat the nods to O Human Star, QC, SMBC, Scary Go Round/Bad Machinery/Space is the Place, and Dresden Codak, and add ones for Dumbing of Age, a comic about college kids being dysfunctional (dumbingofage.com), Chris Baldwin's older comic Bruno...
  • Commented on The Scottish Political Singularity, Act Two
    I do wonder if Scottish independence, and the breaking up of the Union that comes with it, will end up a bit like the last time the Union broke up - controversial at the time, but in retrospect sort of...
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