• Commented on Someone please cancel 2019 already?
    It seems to me that the idea that politicians could possibly have any influence over the earth's chaotic climate system looks like a bourgeois liberal version of the anti-demographic impulses that you have ascribed to conservatives. In a technological world...
  • Commented on The Future Is Not American
    The Chinese Empire has lasted for some 5000 years. Surely it can hang on for another 2 or 3 thousand?...
  • Commented on The present in deep history
    The rise of nation states and as a consequence a series of military and commercial empires. Followed, as world prosperity equalised, by the universal ejection of such empires and the disintegration of nation states....
  • Commented on The present in deep history
    By the 30th century people will come to believe that a significant proportion of the world population were pagans. Because whenever their archaeologists excavate old water courses the find strange basket like structures which were obviously put there to hold...
  • Commented on From the hemline index to the vampire/zombie ratio: SF/F by the numbers
    Sure you can distinguish between American and British English on Ngram, just use the pull down 'corpus' menu. As for the 'vampire' peak in about 1995, is this a Buffy effect?...
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