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Rebecca Ore

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    I moved to Nicaragua in 2010. Here isn't problem-free, and has its own color biases but is lower key in how things are managed than not. We Anglos do risk being the undesirable element. I don't think moving to another...
  • Commented on Where Have All the Women Gone?
    Damon Knight also attacked Phil K. Dick, who was quite a bit better than Knight. The typical literary hustler moves are (1) cultivate the young and easily flattered, (2) trash the competition, (3) put together anthologies or edit a magazine....
  • Commented on Where Have All the Women Gone?
    As for women in mystery writing, Sisters in Crime seems to have been at least somewhat controversial in the mystery genre. One thing about SF is that often younger or newer male writers make their bones attacking or belittling older...
  • Commented on Where Have All the Women Gone?
    One other thing -- women who try to do massive sorts of self-promotion tend to have that count against them, not for them. Or they end up with subscribers who are looking for mother figures and everything interesting gets derailed...
  • Commented on Where Have All the Women Gone?
    Since my name has come up in this several times (followed the link from Eleanor Arnason's FaceBook page), I thought I'd drop round. I haven't been in IT since 2002, still friends with some of the people from the troll...
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