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    From across the pond, this particular British lunacy looks fairly lunatic, in that the US regards European unity as a good thing and the exit of a major power as an indicator of instability. And also the conventional wisdom, when...
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    You probably aren't finding Stephanie Littlefield because the author's name is actually Sophie Littlefield. My thinko, sorry. The book I read is titled Aftertime and is the only zombie book I have been able to finish....
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    This is why I am excited about the recent conversation on women in SF. I'm honestly and selfishly hoping to discover a bunch of amazing new-to-me authors out of this (and already have, through Nicoll's reviews and other sources--including this...
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    Luckily, I have been tracking my reading on goodreads and can answer with some specificity. In the past year (8/17/14-8/17/15), I have read 10 science fiction books. 9 of them were by women. 5 of them were by Kate Elliott....
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