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    On the exo-womb angle, I'm not sure how far we actually disagree on the technical side. Fifty years seems like a long time. As for the bio-ethics, your OP stated a society kinda like the Soviet bloc, which is historically...
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    I think the gravity part needs to be assumed viable for the OP scenario to be viable at all. The microbiome and chemical aspects of "need a human womb" are more likely to screw with exo-wombs. My main point for...
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    On the reproduction angle, I think by 2070 we're probably seeing exo-wombs as a major factor in reproduction even on Earth, and on Mars it's almost certainly going to be normal if it can be done with any decent success...
  • Commented on The present in deep history
    Hm... "1. The great fossil fuel binge" I think that is highly dependent on what comes after it. This could either be central or almost ignored depending on what happens after they are gone. "4. The end of [vertebrate] meat...
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