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Orfeu Miles

  • Commented on Updating a classic
    This reminds me of "The List" from Connie Willis' Bellwether. Optimize potential. Facilitate empowerment. Implement visioning. Strategize priorities. Augment core structures. A marvellous piece of buzzword salad....
  • Commented on Markov Chain Dirty To Me
    Yeah I agree best not to discuss such matters...although I must admit, I really hate it when I screw up, and use the wrong sized drill bit when performing self-trepanation. :-)...
  • Commented on Markov Chain Dirty To Me
    Thanks for the link. I had never read manga before. It was pretty interesting. A tad longer than I anticipated, but quite gripping....
  • Commented on 21st Century: a complaint
    Part of the divisiveness of Ms Thatcher...comes from her embracing of the Chicago School of economics ( Voodoo Economics as you might recall). https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chicago_school_of_economics If we did not destroy the unions and the manufacturing base...money woul 'not love us anymore...and...
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