• Commented on I ain't dead
    I'm reading The Nightmare Stacks and enjoying it. Thanks for writing it!...
  • Commented on What are you reading this summer?
    The best answers are on blog: http://www.jakeseliger.com, and they all have more than a few sentences attached. Perhaps the most interesting from your perspective that hasn't been on blog yet might be *Idea Makers: Personal Perspectives on the Lives &...
  • Commented on Long range forecast
    I think the growth in solar, wind, and electric cars will ameliorate some of the worst effects and, one hopes, deny some of the oxygen to fires of the Middle East—that is, every dollar that isn't spent on oil is...
  • Commented on Clickbait spasm: 14 gizmos I used in 2015
    Should have read the article. Easy to use, but last time I commuted regularly by bike I was in Sheffield so vibrating handlebars wouldn't even register :) Fair enough. I've never been to Sheffield! Nonetheless, the concept intrigues enough for...
  • Commented on Clickbait spasm: 14 gizmos I used in 2015
    I haven't bought this, but I'm very curious about the Vanhawks Valour bike. It's a bike that integrates with a smartphone and has directions built into the handlebars, along with blindspot sonar and various other nifty features. The Kickstarter campaign...
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