Nicholas Daley

Nicholas Daley

  • Commented on A game of consequences
    If there was sufficient automation in place around obtaining and processing resources (mining/farming/manufacturing/...); and assuming settlement populations reached sufficient size that they could afford to shed people; and assuming close enough distances that travel between settlements was possible, then perhaps...
  • Commented on A game of consequences
    "no detonating bombs inside the pressure hull" should be enforced by not keeping explosives indoors and storing gas bottles outside or in compartments with overpressure valves. It wouldn't necessarily take explosives to do a whole lot of damage. With big...
  • Commented on Towards a taxonomy of cliches in Space Opera
    Despite any difference in technology/power, the oppressed underdog has a chance of winning. (Advances in technology have the potential to increase power differences if those without power don't have the tech. e.g. the bad-guys in Avatar didn't mind killing everyone,...
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