• Commented on Tentative hypothesis
    Oh no, nuclear propulsion in space is doomed....
    You put my sentiment and frustration into words like only an experienced and talented writer such as yourself can....
  • Commented on Ask me anything!
    Hi Charlie! I am interested in your views on the nuclear debate. Trust new generation reactors or dismiss them in favour of doubling down on renewables?...
  • Commented on New publication dates (and audiobook news)
    Hi Stross! Are your percentage earnings similar for audiobooks? Are they a good option for supporting you compared to the ebooks?...
  • Commented on Why I barely read SF these days
    If I understand correctly, you are put off by run-of-the-mill SF because it does not put any effort into worldbuilding, relying instead on echoing current pop-culture to build a picture with a few strokes as possible... but the hardcore worldbuilders...
  • Commented on Crib Notes: Empire Games
    Speaking of development traps, I have the impression that the USA and the Commonwealth are heading straight into Exploitation Colonialism. You extract resources from a place you don't care about and consume them. Research and development or financial innovation come...
  • Commented on Evolver
    Bacteria that can feed en-masse on our plastic remains thanks to increasing temperatures. They will either undergo mass extinction after we're gone, or evolve to eat carbo -rich sources.... Such as wood. Wood might go extinct....
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