Greg Hullender

Greg Hullender

  • Commented on What I published in 2018
    It's not really true that the value of your vote is diluted if you nominate more than one thing. That's only true if you nominated some things that you didn't really want to win. If everything you nominated is something...
  • Commented on Do my Homework
    No one is offering a realistic vision of what people are likely to actually be doing in the 22nd Century. AI in SF is almost always hopelessly naive (I spent my career at Microsoft and Amazon doing AI work). I...
  • Commented on Houston: what are the long-term consequences?
    I recommend the New York Times coverage to get an accurate view of what's really happening. I think at this point the biggest question is whether the levees on the Brazos will hold or not. So far, this isn't really...
  • Commented on The World of Tomorrow
    AI will be limited to "Practical Dialogue Systems," which are able to hold a conversation as long as you stick to their subject area. Think systems that book plane and hotel reservations. No more use of fossil fuels, but between...
  • Commented on What else can you do with a Big Dumb Booster?
    Actually liquid methane has only slightly better specific impulse than the first-stage of the Saturn V booster. (299s vs. 289s) and the upper stages of the Saturn V used liquid hydrogen with far superior ISP (381 vs. 299). The big...
  • Commented on Evolver
    Doesn't "MYa" stand for "Million years ago?"...
  • Commented on We'll all go together when we go
    The rules were "no technological magic wands," so that should rule out nanotech and AI, for the most part. If we take it as written that a normal nuclear war would leave at least a few functioning cities (albeit at...
  • Commented on The unavoidable discussion
    From the perspective of an American, watching the Brexit debate (as with the Scottish Independence one) is like watching a dear old friend who keeps attempting suicide and being helpless to do anything about it....
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