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Graham C

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    So the drone guy's from Kirriemuir? This could be an extremely interesting story....
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    A fixie doesn't need a conventional rear brake because you can use the pedals, but a rear brake of some sort is (and as far as I know always has been) compulsory on the roads....
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    Edinburgh? Depends what you're into, really. There's lots to see at the National Museum on Chambers Street (free) or the Castle (££ - be there for the one-o'clock gun if you're going) and plenty of other museums on the Royal...
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    Centos 7 was July 2014. Debian 9 was June 2017. There's not necessarily a conflict between the two statements....
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    Yes, private health care is available, but it's a minority pursuit. I couldn't offhand tell you what proportion indulge. I think it's usually a work benefit. I did once have a job that had it as an option, but I...
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