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    Paul@670 Primary text: Tacitus The Annals, 6.16 and 6.17 [My editorials in brackets] The curse of usury was indeed of old standing in Rome and a most frequent cause of sedition and discord, and it was therefore repressed even in...
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    Thank you. My fine Louisiana upbringing clearly did not include spelling....
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    Waterborne transport does exist in the US, but not where you have been looking. The intercoastal waterway is centered around the Mississippi-Missouri rivers and along the Gulf Coast with a connection to the Great Lakes at Chicago. Like US railroads...
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    From a non-European part of Ford, it appears that Ford of Europe (FOE) bet on a there being a deal with a side order of 'if the UK wants to kill their auto industry, all the better for Europe.' But...
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    China's one child policy started in 1979, so that gender-imbalanced cohort is roughly in their 30s. So the higher mortality rate for men would not appear to be driven by a gender imbalance. I suspect that the high rate of...
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