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    Combining two comment streams, I see following the adventures of Elon's Rocketeers a suitable antidote for the depressing stupidity and backwardness of so much of the rest of the world (reopening things when you still have thousands of deaths a...
  • Commented on "It'll all be over by Christmas"
    US rural communities suffer from density problems of a different sort. We are down to zero new cases for multiple days in multiple states now - eradication across the whole country looks viable. Even NSW is down to 6 new...
  • Commented on "It'll all be over by Christmas"
    Heteromeles, the point is to prevent transmission between *people* not food etc. Now it's a might easier here in Oz because there are already obvious physical barriers between city-states, but for the durations we are talking about it's still perfectly...
  • Commented on "It'll all be over by Christmas"
    The bit I didn't mention is it works best from a basis where the absolute number of new infections is already low (say single digit new cases per day). That way you still have a reasonable probability of stamping it...
  • Commented on "It'll all be over by Christmas"
    Just to point out, but there is one approach that I think can work. Basically you *really* lockdown when you lockdown - people staying in homes for two weeks. Nobody on the streets except the police, etc. Then at the...
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