• Commented on A death in the Firm
    Re illnesses attributable to take-away meals: we always pick up our food. Since the pandemic started we have not had colds, flu, or any other such illness. Roughly 1 in 4 takeouts resulted in a noticeable illness could be due...
  • Commented on A death in the Firm
    Whether the heat pump needs a 'completely independent' heating system for cold areas depends on the design of the heat pump. Ours has a back-up heating element that we expect to never need in Vancouver. has some information....
  • Commented on A death in the Firm
    We installed a heat pump heating + hot water system over a year ago in an old (by Vancouver standards) house. The biggest pain point was that the ductwork for the previous gas forced-air system was undersized for that, and...
  • Commented on Official Announcement: April Fools Day is Cancelled
    Re women in computing: this is a good article, summarizing what many of us went through. There are many examples of sexism in computing, ranging from the obvious (that Google dude) to less public (I have lots of stories...
  • Commented on Covid on Mars
    When I was doing my PhD in physics, many years ago before most people had email, people who thought they'd invented perpetual motion machines or other such would send letters to the Physics Department. Many of the letters were put...
  • Commented on So you say you want a revolution
    I found Natalie Wynn's dismantling of several TERF arguing points very good. Yes, I know she is a controversial figure (not getting into that here, your favourite search engine will point you to as many details as anyone might...
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