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Charitable causes

From Author Advocate Defense Fund:

On September 20, 2007, Barbara Bauer filed suit in New Jersey against a list of defendants, ranging from the Wikimedia Foundation, to message board owners, to bloggers.

More information about the precipitating events can be found in the archives of Making Light. There is additional information about the case regarding Wikipedia at the Electronic Frontier Foundation site.

Another defendant is the Science Fiction Writers of America for its Writer Beware "thumbs down agencies" or "Twenty Worst" list. Yet others are the former and current owners of Absolute Write, which has a thread about the Plaintiff on their site. [Which I am not linking to for legal reasons — c.]

I cannot comment on the subject of Barbara Bauer and her lawsuits, because what I want to say is (a) not suitable for a family publication and (b) would provide her with fuel for yet another lawsuit, which I can live without. However, if you google for the words "barbara bauer worst agent" you will probably find out what the fuss is about.

I am donating to the defense fund, and it would please me immensely if you would consider doing so as well. (I've made enquiries and been assured by parties close to the defendants that this fund is, indeed, legit. )

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