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The story so far

This bio thing is running on longer than I expected (and there are at least two episodes to go), so here are some handy links to the story so far:

How I got here in the end: Part One

How I got here in the end: Part Two

Part Three: But we upgrade to COBOL next year!

Part Four: my first startup death march

Part Five: Things can only get better

Part Six: my second startup death march

Part Seven: bubbling freelance

It's going to take me a while to write up the next installment, because that's the one about the little startup that could (and did) IPO in the end.




Totally OT, but a certain popular online retailer have mailed me to tell me Wireless is in the post. Yay!


Looking forward to seeing more! This whole saga has been a great read so far. I assume it ends with the protagonist fighting hordes of spiders in his palace on the moon? Hope I didn't spoil it for others!