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OK trying to see how this works so I don't screw up.

Testing testing, nothing to see here. Lorem ipsum blah thingumy etc etc.
So, here I am in the Big Wide World of well-known blogs. The oxygen is thin out here, I'm told, and the exposure high. I have my big girl boots on (well, they're slip on wedge sandals, but you get the idea), but I'm still not sure I'm ready for this. Hi, I'm Kari, by the way, and this is by way of a test run. My blogging experience runs mainly to the (reasonably) simple waters of LJ and the slightly less smooth ones of my own website, which has comfortingly low traffic but is a nice shade of blue. (It runs in Serendipity, which this, clearly, isn't.) And it's too hot, my brain is soft and I am waffling...


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