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TL;DR: a copyright notice, with information about posting and republication of this website, so that I've got something to point commercial enquiries at. If you're just visiting the blog to read or post comments, you can stop reading here.

Hi. My name is Charles Stross. I am a professional writer — I earn my living by selling media organisations a license to republish my original work.

Notice to media organisations and marketers: This weblog is not public domain, free, or available for republication under a creative commons license. Entries attributed to Charlie Stross are copyright © Charles Stross. Entries attributed to other authors are copyright © the named author.

Posting content here

If you post here (be it a blog entry or a comment), you are granting me a perpetual non-exclusive royalty-free license to republish your words on this website and on its successors. You retain copyright over your own words, and I can't (and won't) stop you publishing them elsewhere.

Offline reading

If you want to download chunks of this site for reading in an offline reader, such as Instapaper or EverNote, be my guest.


You may:

* Link to entries or comments posted on this blog from elsewhere on the internet.

* Quote extracts in news articles or blog entries of your own, either on the web or in print, as long as you do so in accordance with the Fair Use doctrine (in the USA) or Fair Dealing/Fair Comment in the UK.

Commercial use or large-scale republication

* If you want to republish an entire blog entry you should contact me via the email feedback form for permission. (This will normally be granted automatically for noncommercial or personal use.)

* You must credit the original author by name.

* If you want to republish material from this site commercially you must contact me for a license.

Bad behaviour

You will piss me off (and I might take action) if you:

* copy material from this site and claim it as your own work,

* charge money for material from this site, or for links to this site, without a license,

* copy and republish material from this site anonymously for purposes of marketing or search engine optimization.



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