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The Empire Games / Merchant Princes series

Empire Games—a new trilogy set in the universe of the Merchant Princes

[Empire Games cover] [Dark State cover] [Invisible Sun cover]

Empire Games (hardcover, via Amazon)

Empire Games (Kindle ebook, via Amazon)

Empire Games (Audible audiobook, via Amazon)

Dark State (hardcover, via Amazon)

Dark State (Kindle ebook, via Amazon)

Invisible Sun (via publisher, various editions/stores)

Omnibus Editions

[The Bloodline Feud US ebook cover] [The Traders' War US ebook cover] [The Revolution Trade US ebook cover]

The Bloodline Feud (Kindle edition) — formerly published as "The Family Trade" and "The Hidden Family"

The Bloodline Feud (paperback edition)

The Traders' War (Kindle edition) — formerly published as "The Clan Corporate" and "The Merchants War"

The Traders' War (paperback edition)

The Revolution Trade (Kindle edition) — formerly published as "The Revolution Business" and "The Trade of Queens"

The Revolution Trade (paperback edition)

Audible editions

The omnibus editions have not been re-recorded in audiobook form. (Recording an audiobook is a lot more expensive than releasing an edited omnibus edition.) However, the original editions were released by audible and are still available:

The Family Trade (Audible)

The Hidden Family (Audible)

The Clan Corporate (Audible)

The Merchants War (Audible)

The Revolution Business (Audible)

The Trade of Queens (Audible)

Original Editions

Listed for completeness; I did a major overhaul on the text for the omnibus re-release, and if you're new to the series you should probably start with the omnibus editions rather than the originals.

[The Family Trade US paperback cover] [The Hidden Family US cover] [The Clan Corporate US cover] [The Merchants' War US cover] [The Revolution Business US cover] [The Trade of Queens US cover]

The Trade of Queens (paperback)

The Trade of Queens (Kindle edition)

The Trade of Queens (hardback)

The Revolution Business

The Merchants War

The Clan Corporate

The Hidden Family

The Family Trade

The Laundry Files

[The Atrocity Archives US hardback cover] [The Atrocity Archives US paperback cover] [The Jennifer Morgue US hardback cover] [The Jennifer Morgue US paperback cover] [Equoid cover] [Fuller Memorandum cover] [Apocalypse Codex cover] [Rhesus Chart cover] [Annihilation Score cover] [Three Tales from the Laundry cover] [Nightmare Stacks cover] [Delirium Brief cover] [Labyrinth Index cover] [Escape from Yokai Land cover] [Dead Lies Dreaming cover] [Quantum of Nightmares cover] [Season of Skulls cover]

Season of Skulls (all formats)

Quantum of Nightmares (all formats)

Dead Lies Dreaming (all formats)

Escape from Yokai Land (all formats)

The Labyrinth Index (all formats)

The Delirium Brief (Hardcover, via Amazon)

The Delirium Brief (Kindle ebook, via Amazon)

The Delirium Brief (Audible audiobook, via Amazon)

The Nightmare Stacks (Hardcover, via Amazon)

The Nightmare Stacks (Kindle version)

The Nightmare Stacks (Audible version)

The Nightmare Stacks (Hardcover/Nook—via B&N)

Three Tales from the Laundry Files: A original (Ebook only: Kindle edition)

The Annihilation Score (Hardcover, via Amazon)

The Annihilation Score (Kindle version)

The Annihilation Score (Audible version)

The Annihilation Score (Hardcover/Nook—via B&N)

The Rhesus Chart (Paperback, via Amazon)

The Rhesus Chart (Kindle version)

The Rhesus Chart (Audible version)

The Rhesus Chart (Paperback/Nook—via B&N)

The Rhesus Chart (paperback via Powell's)

The Apocalypse Codex (Paperback, via Amazon)

The Apocalypse Codex (Kindle version)

The Apocalypse Codex (Audiobook via B&N)

The Apocalypse Codex (Paper or Nook edition—via B&N)

The Apocalypse Codex (hardcover via Powell's)

The Fuller Memorandum (Kindle edition)

The Fuller Memorandum (Paperback)

Equoid (Kindle novella)

The Fuller Memorandum (All editions)

The Jennifer Morgue

The Atrocity Archives

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