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The Merchant Princes series

Omnibus Editions

[The Bloodline Feud US ebook cover] [The Traders' War US ebook cover] [The Revolution Trade US ebook cover]

Note: the revised and updated omnibus editions of this series are currently only available as ebooks in the United States. Paper editions will be published in Q4/2014.

The Bloodline Feud (Kindle edition) — formerly published as "The Family Trade" and "The Hidden Family"

The Traders' War (Kindle edition) — formerly published as "The Clan Corporate" and "The Merchants War"

The Revolution Trade (Kindle edition) — formerly published as "The Revolution Business" and "The Trade of Queens"

Original Editions

[The Family Trade US paperback cover] [The Hidden Family US cover] [The Clan Corporate US cover] [The Merchants' War US cover] [The Revolution Business US cover] [The Trade of Queens US cover]

The Trade of Queens (paperback)

The Trade of Queens (Kindle edition)

The Trade of Queens (hardback)

The Revolution Business

The Merchants War

The Clan Corporate

The Hidden Family

The Family Trade



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