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(I'm bringing this blog update forward a couple of days because the Shitlord of Twitter himself, Dilbert Stark, has announced that during April he'll be stripping the blue ticks from verified but non-paying Twitter accounts like mine and drop us from being boosted by the all-powerful algorithm. So if I wait a couple of days longer, my tweet linking to this post will sink like a stone. To which all I have to say, "fuck you, Elon"—and if you wish to be notified in a timely manner of future blog updates, follow me on Mastodon where I am

Escape from Yokai Land is a slim novella in the Laundry Files, published by Publishing in the USA in March 2022. There is as yet no UK edition, but you can buy the hardcover or ebook as an import in the UK. As a special promotion, are cutting the price of the ebook to $2.99 for the month of April—otherwise it's a somewhat steep $11.99. Here's's landing page with links to where you can buy it.

As to the UK edition: I eventually intend to publish a Laundry Files short story collection in both the UK and USA, and Yokai will be included—but for commercial reasons, my US publisher is reluctant to release it until after the final Laundry Files novel, so it's not going to happen for a couple of years.

It's about a year since Quantum of Nightmares was published, and the third New Management novel (Season of Skulls) is less than two months out. So this seems like a good time to resume my intermittent series of Crib Sheet blog entries about specific books.

Here's the Crib Sheet for Dead Lies Dreaming, the first book in the series.

As I mentioned in that earlier crib sheet, Dead Lies Dreaming embodied about half the ideas I'd originally developed for an earlier abortive novel project, Ghosts in the Dream House. Well, it ended inconclusively and obviously wanted to be more than just a standalone novel, and the question of where to go next was bouncing around my brain in September 2019 when I found myself in a bar at the world science fiction convention in Dublin, and a certain person who was one of my regular test readers asked me, "what if ..." and then an absolutely terrible, no-good, horrible suggestion that left me rubbing my hands in glee.



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