How not to sell a novel

It's a well-known cliche that every writer has half a novel sitting in a desk drawer, waiting to be published.

I've got one that could have been published in 1994, except for a total communications breakdown between myself, my then agent, and an editor who shall remain nameless.

As there seems no hope of publishing it in the immediate future, and as I'm working on other projects, I've put the novel on this web site under a Creative Commons license. (Note: this is the attribution, non-commercial, no-derivs license. The novel is not available for commercial sale).

It's old stuff; I wrote the first draft in 1988, and this final version dates to 1993. I still have a fond spot for it, though, unlike most of the other unsold novels lining my filing cabinet; it's a little patchy in places, but I think it's sufficiently close to commercial quality that it deserves to see the light of day. So here's Scratch Monkey.

Alternatively, you can download it in ePub ebook format:


In MobiPocket format:

In classic Palm Aportis Doc format:


In Rich Text Format (RTF):

scratch monkey.rtf

And in HTML (NB: there are some formatting artefacts in this version):

Scratch Monkey.



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