Emma in France

Emma in France

  • Commented on Second childhood?
    So Charlie, which did you read, Beano or Dandy? Or both? As a girl, I got stuck with reading Mandy (lots of stories about orphanages, boarding schools etc.) but always read my brother's Beano, often before he got the chance...
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    I agree. How does he know whether I drink beer or not? I drink local Breton beers and some Leffe and my preferences are for the darker beers. I'm definitely not a lager drinker although I do enjoy some Framboise...
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    Hoping you feel better soon. Some cold/flu survival tips: Ribena is very soothing for a sore throat but personally I prefer the premade version; Baileys on ice works well too; hot chocolate with brandy/whisky is good last thing at night;...
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