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    What I find really weird about that is that "female Asgardian warrior" already exists in the person of Sif. Then again, making more of her probably doesn't grab headlines as much as making Thor a girl does. They tried this...
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    I think the problem with assuming that Marvel and DC affect, and particularly that they lead 'geek culture' is that the people who say 'this is how X culture is' are often crazily out of touch. I was specifically stating...
  • Commented on Gods and genre
    Our Host has already posted about how the primary creativity in the comics medium is outside of the Big Two, and I fully agree with him on that. However, the Big Two still have the most market share, and they...
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    The problem I have with ‘Thor is a woman now’, and more specifically stating the new character is ‘Thor’ as opposed to a woman worthy to wield the power of Mjolnir, is that it is highly unlikely to last. There...
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    I find it fascinating that people are very concerned about the programming language used to do demon summoning and data warehouse analysis, but nobody's mentioned a thing about the bombshell dropped at the end of that unfortunate sushi dinner. Actually,...
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    The Mermaid Boobs cover is definitely, well, Mermaid Boobs. But the structure on the Orbit edition cover looks suspiciously like an SFnal Georgia O'Keeffe painting......
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