Glenn Hauman

Glenn Hauman

  • Commented on Updating a classic
    Oh, you Europeans. You haven't lived until you've tried uniquely American solutions. 1. Arm your company security guards. Let them prowl the halls occasionally looking for problems. I mean, just look at how paranoid those employees are when you walk...
  • Commented on A game of consequences
    Medicalization of the normal range of human variation is a very dangerous trend: ask Alan Turing's ghost if you want more evidence. Or ask Alan Tudyk's ghost about Reavers....
  • Commented on A game of consequences
    I suspect you're going to have in vitro screening for psychopathic tendencies and a wide array of other birth defects, with mandatory abortions. Re: AI moderation-- you may end up with the plot of Harlan Ellison's "I, Robot" screenplay, where...
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