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  • Commented on Ouch!
    I like to ensure my web experience is solid and runs cross-platform. And my choice of browser experience involves NoScript being enabled by default. And I cater to folks who think like me. So: no AJAX-based comments. I agree...
  • Commented on Books I will not write, #1 (of an ongoing series)
    Hominids have spread out and occupied almost all ecological niches, including parasites and scavengers, but there's no actual humans per se. Meh, if it's a sapient Homo, it's a Human to me....
  • Commented on PSA: New Book Deal
    I used to be a huge sucker for this sort of thing, but I have apparently gotten a lot better: this time I caught on when I read Readers commented favourably on the interpersonal romance subplots in the Merchant Princes...
  • Commented on CMAP #4: Territories, Translations, and Foreign Rights
    Torrents are usually large collections. Single books (or small collection - trilogies, etc.) are often shared on image boards by putting the book in a rar or zip and embedding it in an image (often a picture of the book...
  • Commented on More Flame Bait
    Consoles are for kids? Really? What is more childish is pointless console/PC fanboyism from either side. If there are no exclusive games you want to play on given platform, sure, don't bother with it. But most adult gamers I know...
  • Commented on More Flame Bait
    IA64 is Itanium, the competitor IBM's POWER series. AMD64/x86-64 are the correct terms. x64 is incorrectly used by many Windows kiddies (but at least it isn't referring to something else). And yes, there are several distros that work on PPC...
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