• Commented on Service announcement: upcoming outage(s)
    SSL, finally. Keeping plain HTTP - very wise. Encryption's not needed? Fine, but make it possible anyway. Google's push is decent here, as much as SSL is a crutch, it's better than the pothole (that the plain HTTP is)....
  • Commented on Service update
    Please write about the Scottish independence referendum. Having here guests with other opinions on the matter would be a bonus, and a much appreciated one, too....
  • Commented on App store annoyances
    My Linux desktop has software, my collection of Palms also had software, but my tablet and phone have apps. I think this semantic difference is actually very important. Except for some of the UI and iTunes related grievances rest of...
  • Commented on The map is not the territory.
    Sounds, reloading your weapon, ricocheting, debris, dust... Always exploding vehicles and sounds of lasers being fired in the emptiness of outer space... ... the list goes on. The funniest thing is that, arguably, most people have no actual experience with...
  • Commented on The permanent revolution
    I would like to point out one thing - we may still have one big game-changer to understand: gravity. Think of electricity prior to 20th century - could you extrapolate before that time the invention of Internet? Of GPS, etc.?...
  • Commented on Me, talking
    Very interesting and broad talk, and you even mentioned Poland and Hungary (I find it very funny that for many people somehow anything west of Germany kind of doesn't exist, until their finger-on-the-globus reaches India or China). Also I agree...
  • Commented on Press release
    I usually find it a bit worrisome that many people seem to stop thinking when they see big numbers in vicinity of currency signs. I believe your breakdown should help these people get the bigger picture. I believe also that...
  • Commented on Status update
    It verkz. Cool, now it's super easy to comment. Expect more comments!...
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