• Commented on Some rambling thoughts on region restrictions
    "...but where the desired solution for the readers (global sales, a flat worldwide market) will cause significant pain to the authors in the medium term..." And there you have the nightmare of protectionism (whether government- or contract-enforced): What is in...
  • Commented on We need a pony. And the moon on a stick. By next Thursday.
    Slight clarification, while I suppose this has applications for the USSS's presidential protection mission, this likely is more related to the Electronic Crimes Task Forces (ECTF), which were added to the USSS's criminal investigation mandate (grown from its original counterfeiting...
  • Commented on A nation of slaves
    Exactly; saying "people who are idle in a society where idleness is seen as wicked are depressed, therefore idleness is inherently bad" is a bit like saying "gay people growing up a society where gayness is seen as wicked are...
  • Commented on A nation of slaves
    I've actually been having this very discussion a lot recently, and I've found that even beyond the obvious logistical problems of achieving a leisure society, there is this huge mental block about the very idea of not working (or not...
  • Commented on On Syria
    I am so sick of the "WMD" boogeyman. There's a reason chemical and biological weapons don't get used more, and it's not treaties or gentlemen's agreements between countries, it's that pound for pound and dollar for dollar they're almost universally...
  • Commented on Context is everything
    Yes! This is essentially the position I've adopted on this issue; I'm full on a pragmatist environmentalist (and quite an active one), but the whole idea that we have some "duty" to protect the natural world reflects an almost religious...
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