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    Reasoning - time and money. Unless the leisure time of utopia or permanent unemployment of a dystopia appears. Structurally we can hope for positive change in the economy but Soylent Green Inc may be a better bet. I see people...
  • Commented on Another deceptively simple question
    Smaller. Serialized novels. Textbooks in chunks. Impulse purchase size and price....
  • Commented on A deceptively simple question
    crime carjacking, armored car heists, getaways all going to be a lot harder if the authorities have an off switch or routing control. Also if most of the traffic is automated then having a manual won't help much. somebody missing...
  • Commented on The language of alienation
    From your 2023 utility bill: "At current rates of consumption you will have exhausted your Greenhouse gas allotment by the end of the reporting period and will fall below the threshold allowed for exercise the reproduction licence of your currently...
  • Commented on Books I've written
    I wouldn't be so worried about the order as I don't think you are going to do them all at once or be happy with the drafts (ever). I would expect you to drag one out when something comes up...
  • Commented on Thinking the unthinkable
    I am know how gas contracts work and very familiar with when they don't. A UK out of the EU is not going to have bargaining power or any authority to force gas to flow to it as it soon...
  • Commented on Thinking the unthinkable
    Further to point 3 - access to energy supplies particularly natural gas. The UK is running a bit low right now (as in over the next week) and the outlook for the next few years isn't pretty either. A UK...
  • Commented on Context is everything
    Space the Final Frontier. Reduce the pressure on the biosphere and spread our planets biological diversity across the cosmos (in a controlled and responsible way). Move the focus from let's enjoy the end of days Yes not going to happen...
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