• Commented on "The next big thing"
    @Mikko #28 So, it's like the New Wave of British Heavy Metal? At least some of the bands have been continuing it until now, and luckily I don't think there are any genuinely new artists doing it anymore. Apart from...
  • Commented on Crib Sheet: 419/Rule 34
    Why on earth did Christopher Priest hate it so much?...
  • Commented on Thinking the unthinkable
    OK, so what's the real agenda behind the Tory right and the rightwing press desire to leave the UK? They're busy stoking the borderline racist instincts of the "low information voters", but what sort of UK or rump UK do...
  • Commented on Understanding Reader Reviews
    I know this thread is about book reviews, but do you think the same applies to music reviews? I asked this because I've actually had an artist pressurise me into removing a positive-but-critical 3-and-a-half-star review on the grounds that it...
  • Commented on National Talk About Something Else Day
    Impressed a lot. Nightwish are now on their third singer. They and Anette Olzen parted company mid-tour, and they bought in Floor Jansen as a replacement. Great voice, seems to combine the best bits of Anette and Tarja, and a...
  • Commented on National Talk About Something Else Day
    I've got a day off work, in which I'm trying to write a coherent review of Nightwish last night, and sort through the photos I took. First time I've been in the photo pit for a big gig....
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