• Commented on Time tourism
    Has anyone here read Diane Galbadon's Outlander series and is able to comment on their approach with regard to the issue at hand? My knowledge of them is pretty much limited to that they are a thing that exists in...
  • Commented on The latest news
    I can't help but think that this is exactly the set of stories that an NSA who had possession of a fast factorization algorithm (and/or other novel number theory proofs and methods) and either just started or was about to...
  • Commented on Fang Fuckers: some reflections (in a mirror)
    Presuming that there isn't a trick to escape the situation (kill 2 people a year to survive), the only real options are (1) suicide or (2) Become either a psychopath or something functionally indistinguishable from a psychopath, by adopting a...
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