• Commented on We need a pony. And the moon on a stick. By next Thursday.
    I'm late to the conversation and this isn't sarcasm, but ISIS communicating through twitter with an app called The Dawn of Glad Tidings seems pretty close, even if in the inverse. Perhaps that is the effect of trying to identify...
  • Commented on If this had happened 30 years ago today, we would all have died
    It wasn't just over Russia, but also Cuba: and then later over San Francisco (though certainly not as dramatically): Imagining what could have happened in 1983 is scary, but what could have happened if that fireball had exploded...
  • Commented on Snowflakes, or Oh, No! Not Again!
    completely off topic, but just wanted to thank Stina for some great posts and generating excellent discussion. I hope to see her in the discussion threads frequently in the future. And thanks Charlie for inviting her....
  • Commented on The Importance of Being Geek
    "We are not the 'standard.' So we have to be more careful about what is expressed." I like that. I'm at first glance part of that standard (at least the US standard): a white male. But I'm gay and grew...
  • Commented on Zoom-Zoom
    "feminist politics (we won't be chatting about that)" Why not? Questions of sex and gender and the politics surrounding them are important themes in almost all of Charlie's books. And those themes are visited here frequently. That parenthetical jumped out...
  • Commented on The ticking clock, stopped
    I'd buy health insurance. (I live in the US.)...
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