• Commented on Crib Sheet: Saturn's Children
    I'm not remembering the pun right now. I do remember voting for it in the Hugo ballot. One thing I liked very much was the way it explored several different space flight technologies. That was fun....
  • Commented on Book Launch: Neptune's Brood, Edinburgh, Thursday
    Several chapters in my Kindle edition start off with the word "Iam", with the "I" gray, and the next two letters black. Obviously meaning "I am"....
  • Commented on The Anthropic Stupidity Hypothesis
    Do smart people produce more surviving children than non-smart people? I don't see this happening....
  • Commented on The ticking clock, stopped
    I would increase my savings a lot, with a variety of investments. Put off spending. Figure that my skills will be obsolete and very hard to replace. Figure that my culture will be obsolete....
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