• Commented on A man walks into a bar
    OK, you made me buy it. I've been putting off starting the Laundry books for a while because my local libraries don't have them, but this sounds like too much fun not to drop $1.99 on. Also, if you're up...
  • Commented on On Syria
    I'm a neuroscientist, so apply all requisite discounts to my opinion, but -- if we can't hunt down the Syrian regime, we can't hunt them down regardless of whether we deliver nerve agent antidotes to civilians. Charlie's point, as I...
  • Commented on Crib sheet: Singularity Sky
    As a 33-year-old wannabe with just a couple of published short stories and a novel that's been roundly rejected by every agent I could think to send it to, I appreciate this more than I can say....
  • Commented on The Algebraic Properties of Equality in SF
    OK, I wasn't going to weigh in on this pain thing because it seems like derailing much in the vein of the slap-fight going on earlier, but -- did you seriously just dismiss the entirety of science because everything that...
  • Commented on The Algebraic Properties of Equality in SF
    Argh, Alyx. Of course. And whoever brought up Octavia Butler above -- I wasn't wild about Xenogenesis, but Lauren Olamina from PARABLE OF THE SOWER is the real deal, and I think Anyanwu from the Patternist books is as well...
  • Commented on The Algebraic Properties of Equality in SF
    So topical as to be obvious, but Mori Phelps from Jo Walton's AMONG OTHERS is great. Damaged and vulnerable in some ways, but also smart and opinionated; doesn't suffer fools but sociable with her people. Plus great taste in sf,...
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