• Commented on Things publishers can't do (yet)
    Better plan: use the rookies who haven't transitioned to making writing their main/only source of income to blaze a trail through the minefield by trial and error. Say, hypothetically, that you get published tomorrow. You'll probably get a few thousand...
  • Commented on Fang Fuckers: some reflections (in a mirror)
    Greg @ 12: Then what does she say about Carmilla? That book features a female vampire who is (implied to be) a lesbian that predates Stoker's work by a quarter century. In fact Stoker's work is very clearly influenced by...
  • Commented on Customer Satisfaction Survey
    Yes, exactly. It was a bitter pill to swallow and I was very angry for a while. I felt like so much of what I'd been taught about the world was a lie that for a while I didn't know...
  • Commented on Customer Satisfaction Survey
    Thanks for the congrats. I'm pretty fond of having my own roof. It's a vast improvement from sleeping on a moldy couch in a record store....
  • Commented on Customer Satisfaction Survey
    2012 was the first full year in which I was not homeless since my nervous breakdown in late 2010. Additionally, I wrote a book, which is in its final phase of polish. All in all, a good year....
  • Commented on Danger, Will Robinson! Danger!
    I won't call you a racist, or a mysogonist, or anything of the sort for not liking Octavia Butler. I will say you have no taste whatsoever, but that's not the same thing....
  • Commented on The ticking clock, stopped
    I think I'd go back to school immediately, get a STEM degree and find my way into the technology world. It's got better career prospects in the medium term. Get a morgage on a house in a decent location as...
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