• Commented on Cheap Reads!
    A good price for a platform shift from tree to screen :) Be nice if Amazon did a book version of their Autorip service, where if you buy an eligible CD you automatically get a set of MP3s in your...
  • Commented on Crib Sheet: The Fuller Memorandum
    "Problem: once a series gets successful enough to attract that kind of fan base, what kind of author in their right mind would kill the golden goose? (OK, Arthur Conan Doyle springs to mind, but ...)" Looking forward to a...
  • Commented on In the pulp
    Welp; just snapped up the three Merchant Princes Kindle reissues (a fiver for each twofer compilation is a damn good deal) and then I see Neptune's Brood is on preorder; click :o Ebooks should have all the alternate covers included,...
  • Commented on Forthcoming UK Audio Books
    Well obviously the perfect meeting point is to get an American VO actor doing an English accent; just think Keanu Reeves as Jonathan Harker :p...
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