• Commented on Spoiler Thread
    So I got the book on Thursday afternoon, headed into a holiday weekend that I'd planned to use to catch up on sleep (having been working ~3 weeks of 12+ hour days). Instead of a getting to bed early, I...
  • Commented on Minor hiccup
    So how much of the non-Lovecraft Mythos have you read/are you inspired by? Ashton-Smith, Bloch, even Lumley or the Delta Green stuff?...
  • Commented on Crib sheet: Singularity Sky
    Charlie, I have to ask that you don't do any more posts like this, as my morning at work is going to be completely unproductive as I read all of the linked articles and get sucked down the wiki-rabbit hole....
  • Commented on Press release
    My friend said to me "Cool, but I wish he'd write more Palimpsest" when I told him there were more MP in the offing. Suffice it to say, he's now very very excited....
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