• Commented on Snowden leaks: the real take-home
    For some reason, what you're describing here reminds me of the Condottieri during the Renaissance. If there's no intrinsic group loyalty, money has to serve as a poor substitute. Poor because your contractors are only as loyal as long as...
  • Commented on Who ordered *that*?
    Slightly off topic, but the Glorious Revolution ended anything but extremely well & very quickly in Ireland, where it resulted in plenty of murder and crying children right down to the present day....
  • Commented on Tapeworm Logic
    Agreed, though if we take "another human = another planet", then "another biome = another part of the home intestinal tract". Actually - thinking further on this, if we give our tapeworms the power of introspection, they might rationally conclude...
  • Commented on Tapeworm Logic
    There's another weakness in the metaphor that nonetheless supports your broader point: Tapeworms have evolved to, as efficiently as possible, given the hostility of the universe, colonise other humans. Hence all the eggs headed arsewards. Humans, meanwhile, have not evolved...
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